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  • Jasper


    Child-like, left-wing, middle-aged late-learner, stubbornly clinging onto the last vestiges of a misspent youth.

  • Yve Laran

    Yve Laran

    Bibliophile, Writer, and Blogger at yve.laran@wordpress.com. Master’s=Political; Bachelor’s=Musical

  • Taresh Singh

    Taresh Singh

    Ola malosi, tamoʻe vave. E Matagofie le Olaga!

  • Sophie Jones

    Sophie Jones

    Ph.D. and so what? Half of me is science, brain, articles, and reason. The other half is art, heart, therapy, and emotion.

  • Louie Bee

    Louie Bee

    Puerto Rican, Comedian, Podcaster, and Libertarian. The host of The Crotch Shot Radio Show https://linktr.ee/louiebee1

  • Ritika Mittal

    Ritika Mittal

    Editor of An Idea

  • Kirsten Telan

    Kirsten Telan

    inspiring others through the Confetti Effect to spread kindness like confetti, traveler, reader, writer, hiker, encourager, blogger, growth mindset learner🙌🏻✨

  • Alex Salinas

    Alex Salinas

    Communication Student at the University of Houston-Victoria. VC Alumni. Professional Coffee Consumer.

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