Give Me Liberty and Give Me Breath

Professor Ron
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A False Reality?

The notion that a mask will save us all and that it protects us from the all mighty and all-knowing COVID-19 virus is absurd. The science behind whether or not face coverings (stop) or slow the spread of coronavirus is questionable. In fact, there have been studies that suggest wearing a face covering is not very effective to combat the spread of such a small particle virus such as SARs-Cov-2. Another study by researchers argued that:

“the biggest threat from the coronavirus by far is what is contained in small particles that can easily bypass facemasks in aerosol form. Droplets quickly fall to the ground, but aerosol lingers.”

So, if we are supposed to be “following the science” then why are politicians like Gov. Cuomo, Gov. Greg Abbot, Gov. Newsome, to name a few, insist on enforcing these unconstitutional mask mandates? The ignorance and megalomania of these people infuriates me.

Speaking of which, Governor Andrew Cuomo is such a clown. He fetishizes the mask while touting his book about his response to covid in New York. Yet, he fails to acknowledge his failures regarding nursing homes deaths by him forcing nursing home officials to admit infected covid patients. He is a joke.

New York

Give Me Liberty and Give me Breath

Let me be clear, I am not against wearing masks, I am against mandated mask. If a person wants to wear a mask, then fine, but no one should be forced to adhere to medical procedures (yes, wearing a mask is this). In fact, ex CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) analyst Buck Sexton said it best with his tweet regarding the mask debate:

The mask wearing is no longer about “safety” for many, but more about compliance and normalization. Wearing a mask everyday should never become normalized, no matter how much mainstream media and politicians espouse.

The dehumanization and social isolation that mask wearing imputes is undeniable. Being unable to see your friend’s smile or comprehend the full emotions of an individual during conversations is destroying (yes, destroying) our social connections within our social interactions . The mask represents a form of conformity that eliminates any choice of freedom and prepares the masses for the next and most inevitable mandate to come, forced inoculations. At this point all I can do as an individual is to remember freedom and fight for liberty by taking my mask off and breathing fresh air.

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