Sin, Late Nights: GAWVI Fallout

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If you are a GAWVI fan, you recognize the title of this piece is from two albums: Lost in Hue (2016), Late Nights, and the ironically and aptly titled Heathen album, which includes the song Sin, (2020). Moreover, you will also understand the section headings throughout this article (all of which are song titles from GAWVI’s various albums).

Indeed, the recent revelations surrounding the Christian Hip Hop artist are unfortunate and disappointing. GAWVI was recently dropped from the Christian label Reach Records for allegedly sending unsolicited sexually explicit photos to women. GAWVI was also scrubbed from an upcoming tour with Lecrae (founder of Reach Records), Andy Mineo, and others.

Never Fails

In my view, this is an all too familiar outcome of Christian artists who make it big within the entertainment industry. The propensity to drift away from God’s truth and into the Hollywood lifestyle is ever-present. GAWVI’s circumstances remind me of the scripture NIV 1 Timothy 6:9:

“Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.”

The Sickness

To be clear, I understand that these artists are human beings who make mistakes and are not to be viewed as “gods.” Moreover, the bible talks about gifts coming without repentance, and thus, although talented, these artists can easily live their personal lives opposite what they depict publicly. Apparently, this was the case with GAWVI, who recently divorced his wife of 8 years. As noted above, GAWVI’s alleged propensity to slide into the DM’s of women who are not his wife with — groin shots — played a role in the demise of his marriage.

Gawvi’s ex-wife. Source:

Show Me

Nevertheless, as details continue to emerge about the happenings of a Christian Hip Hop sensation regarding his alleged sexual exploits, his music and talent will continue to resonate and inspire individuals. I will not cosign for the alleged actions of GAWVI, but I can understand the trappings of money and fame that so many young people face within this world. I am not in a position to castigate someone else when I have a beam in my eye, Matthew 7:5. Furthermore, one of the lessons Christians can learn from this sad situation is that they should remain in God’s grace and remember what is done in the dark will come to light.

With that being said, here are my top five favorite songs from GAWVI:

#5 Late Nights:

#4 Closer:

#3 Show Me:

#2 Dicen:

#1 Steady:

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